Below you will find my available treatments.

Rediscover who you are.

Why do I do what I do???

It gives me great satisfaction to Inspire and Motivate people to create positive change in their lives!

I love assisting people to create new patterns, and let go of obsolete, ingrained, negative patterns that can cause stress and anxiety, I am passionate about supporting the discovery of self. There is nothing more uplifting than a Confident, Happy Client!!

DARE to feel INSPIRED to be your very BEST Self!!!!

Allow me to Motivate, Inspire and add Clarity to your Life!!!!

I pinpoint and balance past patterning that no longer serves you, so you can move forward with positivity. Take control of stress and overwhelm. Identify and release old patterning. Learn how to Heart connect and tune in to your Intuition!!

Relaxation Massage

Feel totally relaxed with a Relaxation Massage utilising Alison’s intuitive skills. Massage may include use of Crystals/Essential oils

Pamper packages are available also.

Enlightenment Session

During the Initial Session ( 90mins)
a detailed history is taken to determine what is going on for you.
Kinesiology Techniques may be used throughout this session, this is where your body determines how best to help you move forward, letting go of past patterning if needed, to regain your Health and Happiness.
Follow up Sessions (60mins) to help you to stay on track.

Inspired By Angels Essences

These essential oil creations are the Essence of what I am about.
So much love and passion go into each and every bottle, so you receive essences of the highest vibration.
What makes my Essences unique?

My Expertise


Inspired By Angel Essences

Relaxation and Pampering Massage

Online Kinesiology Sessions

Life Balance

Oracle Card Reading

Pamper Packages

Session Support

After Session support via email is offered if required 

Stress / Anxiety Relief

Spiritual Guidance

Guidance using intuition with meditation

Confidence Building,

Especially for teens or for women of all ages.