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I’m Alison

Business Owner, Kinesiologist, Mum, Lover of Life.

I first discovered Kinesiology after looking for ways to cope with Generalised Anxiety.

After getting great results from my Kinesiology sessions, I decided I had to learn this fantastic therapy.

I am passionate about providing people with their own Strategies and Support to make Positive Change in their Lives!

I am a big believer in using the Holistic Approach to Promote body Wellness and Happiness.

I utilise my intuition and my passions for Meditation, Crystals, the Modern Oracle Card Deck and Essential Oils to give my Clients a  unique Kinesiology Experience.

How I Can Help You

Enlightenment sessions carefully & intuitively curated to suit your particular needs.

Charge Forward

Enlightenment Sessions

Done either in-person or online. I would love to offer you a solution!! An Enlightenment Kinesiology Session with me offers:

Kinesiology Stress Relief Techniques Goal Setting to Create positive change. Meditation to tap into Intuition. Intuitive Guidance. Guidance with Oracle Cards. Home reinforcement and Follow up Support if needed.


Inspired By Angels Range

These creations are the Essence of what I am about.
So much love and passion go into each and every bottle, so you receive essences of the highest vibration. What makes my Essences unique? Inspired by Angels are lovingly blended with pure essential oils, crystal chips, and infused with Angel Intentions, all of which have been Divinely guided. Each bottle is individually blended and blessed with Angel Intentions

Are you looking for Guidance in your Life?

My Approach & Values

It is my absolute passion to see my clients feel the best they possibly can. I am here to guide you Spiritually and Intuitively, and help you gain clarity around what causes you stress, frustration, and pain. I take a holistic approach towards supporting your optimum health and helping you to be the best version of you!

Going to see Alison feeling heavy, flat and unsure, came away feeling positive, light and calm. Highly recommend Alison, she is very knowledgeable, easy to speak to. Thank you, Alison.

Jane Goss

I can’t recommend a Kinesiology session with Alison enough! Always come away feeling more balanced, calm and grounded. Love love love the foot massage with magnesium, crystals and readings.

Leisa Jones

Alison has been a total blessing in my life. I was told about Alison through my friend and I am so grateful that I booked my first appointment, out of curiosity, and loved every minute of it. I have had 3 more sessions with Alison and each one has been a remarkable experience; allowing me space to heal, to reconnect, to detach from what no longer serves me, to rebalance and energize. A journey through self, through science, through spiritually. I highly recommend checking it out. xo

Jocelyn Allen

I would highly recommend Alison to anyone and everyone as she is a very caring and gentle soul with so much knowledge. She’s helped both myself and my young son through difficult issues such as behavioural problems and communication and just lately for me personally a major emotional blockage. I can say with my hand on my heart Alison is definitely a genuine practitioner of the natural therapies and she’s right here in Maryborough. How lucky are we?! ?

Karen Chedzey

Alison is amazing and absolutely knows what she is doing. I am so, so glad that she is here in town after I left my Kinesiologist in Berlin when we moved here I could not be happier to have found her 🙂 The balance was absolutely needed and felt so so good. Everyone should have a balance, YOU are worth it, I promise you, you will not regret it. She also incorporates essential oils which is another wonderful way to heal body, mind and soul. I can’t wait for my next Balance 🙂

Sandra Phersson

Been too long. Alison has always had the most wonderful healing hands & I am pleased to say she has not lost her touch. it was worth the drive from Northern NSW to see Alison.

Wendy Gilmore

Alison is amazing at what she does. She has helped me through some very difficult and emotional times and has helped me find balance and emotional stability. Her massage skills are remarkable also. I highly recommend Alison and giving Kinesiology a try. ???

Debbie Bazan

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