This month’s theme is Strength, but I will not be talking about abs, biceps and outer strength! I will be however addressing our inside strength. So what does it mean to have inner strength??

Inner strength is that ability to survive and thrive whatever life throws at us!

So how do we harness and build up inner strength??

It starts by embracing a passionate relationship with yourself, and discovering what you are capable of. Make a start by saying goodbye to things that no longer serve you. This includes old beliefs and insecurities. Declutter negativity – give the news a miss, and steer clear of negative people.

Next, look after your body! There is truth to that saying “treat your body like a temple”.

Our bodies perform better and coping skills are enhanced with cleaner living, so keep the junk food to a limit, and minimise alcohol intake. Enjoy fresh nutritious food and exercise instead.

Enjoy life!! Remember we spend so much time working, and dealing with daily stresses, that we sometimes forget time for rest and play. Allow yourself to have some fun, spend some time outdoors, and allow your body to recharge. We can not function properly when our internal battery is low.

Often aspiring to be like someone, whether it be a famous person, or someone we know, gives us courage and strength. A favourite technique, I use with clients, to inspire and increase confidence involves Superheroes. Batman and Wonder Woman are strong, confident and invincible! My clients love to get into character and visualise putting on their cape etc.  If they have a life challenge coming up, visually putting on a cape or wearing a batman tshirt actually works for them! 

One final point to being the superhero of your life is to take things one step at a time. Bite off achievable chunks, and seek a kinesiology session if you are needing help with your inner strength.

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