I love the Outdoors!! Why?? Because it gives me a chance to Ground.

For me, Grounding helps me connect with Nature and recharges my spiritual batteries.

I’m often found lying on the grass, wading in the ocean, or hugging a tree- much to the embarrassment of my big kids!!

Grounding or Earthing, for years, has been associated with happy barefooted hippies, but could there be some scientific reasoning behind why it makes us feel so zen?!

Let’s start with a definition.:

Grounding/Earthing : making an electrical connection to Earth.

Scientific reasoning says us humans carry a positive charge, which by the way can build up in our body. Earth has a negative charge. When we make contact through grounding or Earthing, we discharge our excess energy. This in turn produces healing at the cellular level. Any wonder connecting with Nature makes us feel good!

I can vouch, that Grounding definitely brings focus, Inner peace and Happiness.

According to research, other benefits may include relief from pain, stress, depression and fatique. It also helps to restore body balance and increases energy!

What are you waiting for! Kick off your shoes! Scrunch your toes in the sand, hug a tree, or go for a mindful walk. There is no downside to connecting with mother earth!!

Be a Tree – A simple grounding exercise for calm and balance

  • Stand on the grass.
  • Close your eyes
  • Take in 3 deepened breathes
  • Imagine your feet have roots growing from them connecting you to the Earth
  • Stand tall and bring your arms up like branches to connect in with the sun. Sway if you want to.
  • Spend a few moments breathing and just being in the moment

Once feeling balanced and calm, imagine your roots retract back into your body. Move your feet slowly. Refocus on sounds and sights around you, and open your eyes. How do you feel??

Did you have questions on how to ground yourself? Feel free to book a call with me to chat.

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