Let me introduce myself.

I am a Business Owner, Kinesiologist, Mum, and a Lover of Life!

I am very excited to be able to share the Positivity Vibe with you each and every month!

So what do I do??

I am a holistic practitioner that uses kinesiology and intuitive techniques to promote client Positivity and Wellness. I particularly have a passion for working with the emotional and spiritual aspects of body balance.

So what is Kinesiology??

Kinesiology is an energy healing technique that holistically helps people move on from their old story to create a new balanced one.

When we are unbalanced, we can get physical pain, anxiety, lack of motivation, insomnia, sadness, or an actual feeling of being blocked

Hanging on to old beliefs such as I am not worthy, I am not lovable, and I am not good enough, contribute to these imbalances.

During a session, muscle testing is used to indicate where your energy stresses are, what patterns are holding you back, and how best to help you progress

It is such a buzz, to see my clients move forward with such Confidence!!

So excited also to share monthly Guidance via Oracle Cards

This month’s card is “Mountain “..taken from Angels and Ancestors deck by Kyle Gray

If you are feeling challenged or pressured at this time, know you are more powerful than you think. You are resiliant, grounded and have unshakeable mountain strength. Be sure to keep grounded. If you are not sure what to do next, stay exactly where you are, talk things over with those around you, and know change will come to you. All will work out!

“I always trust the direction of the Universe and know I am being guided”

Affirmation by Gabrielle Bernstein
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