Hineraumati “Summer Woman Rising” Maori Inspired and Blessed Crystal infused Soy Wax Crystal Candle plus Limited Edition “Gypsy Freedom” Spritzer (Inspired By Angels)


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This beautifully inspired candle smells so Amazing of Wild Frangipani and is supported with Desert Rose Selenite. This healing candle promotes gentleness yet revitalising energy. Desert Rose Selenite helps to clear your mind and is said to absorb negative energy and emotions and return them to the earth. Gypsy Freedom Spritzer 50 ml This unique blend helps the wearer to deflect the emotions of others and feel totally free!! This one is for those who need to flick all the baggage and do what they want to do, be who they want to be Yeah!!! Combines grounding Cypress and Black pepper and has a citrus/spearmint flair! It can be spritzed on the body and in a room to feel refreshed, and lift vibrations.