“Hinemoana” Maori Inspired and Blessed, Crystal infused Soy wax Crystal Candle Plus Atlantic Spray Spritzer (Inspired by Angels)


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Hinemoana literally translates to Ocean woman. This ocean inspired candle represents strength. Crystal infused with ocean Jasper, it lifts spirits, raises vibe, helps with positivity, releases negative, boosts confidence and empowers. Feel beachy with the delectable pineapple aroma! Combine with Atlantic Spray Spritzer (Inspired by Angels) This essence truly captures the essence of the “Beach” This fresh citrusy blend has a salty feel and captures the Good Vibrations of Sun, Salt and Ocean Freedom Spritzer has been created with LOVE and infused with Angel blessings!! Spritz your aura or a room to feel energised and uplifted. Spritzer contains Labradorite crystals and gorgeous citrusy essential oils with a touch of yang yang. This package will be attuned especially with Angel Blessings before shipment.