Inspired by Angels

Lovingly designed and blessed with Angel Intentions.

Some important information about what makes these products so special.

These creations are the Essence of what I am about.
So much love and passion go into each and every bottle, so you receive essences of the highest vibration.
What makes my Essences unique?
Inspired by Angels are lovingly blended with pure essential oils, crystal chips, and infused with Angel Intentions, all of which have been Divinely guided.
Each bottle is individually blended and blessed with Angel Intentions
Angelic Defender
This is an earthy protective blend which infuses Divine protection and Loving vibes
This blend is the Most Holy of the range.


Euphoric Soul
Is a Wellbeing and Elation Blend.
This blend was created to help the wearer to find the courage to just do it!
This is a citrusy blend with a hint of peppermint, and it smells amazing!
A true Soul Revitaliser.

Goddess is Nurturing and supportive of the Feminine and encourages that Goddess in you to shine

This Essence was specifically channelled for those women who are ready for Self Discovery!!

This Essence will encourage women to honour themselves, have Faith in the Future, and truly Shine!

It is particularly helpful for women who are facing an empty nest, and menopausal changes


Atlantic Spray

This Essence truly captures the Essence of  the Beach

This is a fresh, Citrusy blend with a salty feel.
It captures the good Vibrations, Sun, Salt and Ocean Freedom
Suitable for all ages
Gypsy Freedom
this blend was designed with Sensitives and Empaths in mind
This unique blend combines the grounding of cypress and black pepper with a citrus/spearmint flair.
This will help the wearer to deflect the emotions of others and feel totally free.

I am pleased to introduce my “Inspired By Angels” Spritzer Range. These Mists are designed to lift your Vibrations and aid in your overall Wellbeing.

So much Loving energy goes into creating these Spritzers!

The first stage of creation involves making a crystal elixir. Each and every bottle is kissed by Mother Earth and infused with gorgeous Sunshine.

Finally, the crystal elixir is then blended with pure essential oils, and individually blessed with Loving Angel Intentions.

Spritzers Available:

The Self Love Spritzer is truly nurturing and delicious. It contains calming and feminine Jasmine, Lavender and warming Cinnamon.

The Angelic Defender Spritzer helps to clear negativity and promote loving vibes. It contains earthy and protective Frankincense, Oregano, Pink Pepper, Clove and Lemon.

Both can be spritzed on the body (aura) or in a room.

Coming soon Eternal Bliss Spritzer!!

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