Inspired by Angels

Lovingly designed and blessed with Angel Intentions.

I am pleased to introduce my “Inspired By Angels” Spritzer Range. These Mists are designed to lift your Vibrations and aid in your overall Wellbeing.

So much Loving energy goes into creating these Spritzers!

The first stage of creation involves making a crystal elixir. Each and every bottle is kissed by Mother Earth and infused with gorgeous Sunshine.

Finally, the crystal elixir is then blended with pure essential oils, and individually blessed with Loving Angel Intentions.

Spritzers Available:

The Self Love Spritzer is truly nurturing and delicious. It contains calming and feminine Jasmine, Lavender and warming Cinnamon.

The Angelic Defender Spritzer helps to clear negativity and promote loving vibes. It contains earthy and protective Frankincense, Oregano, Pink Pepper, Clove and Lemon.

Both can be spritzed on the body (aura) or in a room.

Coming soon Eternal Bliss Spritzer!!